bekids Coding

The Learn-to-Code Adventure

Logical thinking and
coding made fun!

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bekids Coding

bekids Fitness

Fun AR Workouts & Exercise

Stay active at home and
on the go!

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bekids Fitness

bekids Coloring

Kids Draw, Paint & Color

Let the world of colors
come alive!

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bekids Coloring

bekids Science

Kids Science Games & Cartoons

Ask questions to
inspire curiosity!

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bekids Science

bekids Reading

Kids Books & Preschool Games

Reading more lets your imagination soar!

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bekids Reading

Learn and Grow with bekids

STEAM Education and More

Learn essential STEAM subjects: science, computer skills, art, and math—as well as language arts with our proven and effective curricula, carefully designed, tested, and built into each of our apps.

STEAM Education and More
Beyond the Blackboard

Beyond the Blackboard

Story telling is a powerful tool.
We use carefully-crafted, interactive stories that kids can relate to boosting their creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills.

Kids Love to Play

And so do we! Everything we make is jam-packed with fun games, interactive cartoons, playful characters, and creative lessons that keep kids smiling and laughing on their learning journey.

Kids Love to Play

Why You'll Love bekids

Spontaneous Learning


Pick up and play, learn something new every day

Thoughtfully Designed Content

Designed Content

Tested by kids and parents, proven and effective

Something for Everyone

Something for

Programs that cover all major subjects

Safe and Simple

Safe and

A safe, kid-friendly, and ad-free environment

Parent Dashboard


Track progress and adjust screen time as you see fit

Endorsements from Parents

    My kid loves it! The story is fascinating, the levels help him learn step by step, and the instructions are clear and helpful.

    —— Nicole

    The interface is beautiful. I've been long waiting for such a coding app. It's very kid-friendly and we all love it. Great work from the art team and developers!

    —— Tommy L.

    Exercising with this app after getting homework done not only keeps the body healthy, but also cultivates new interests and hobbies.

    —— Kelly O.

    Excellent app! My nephew had a lot of fun with it! He would follow the moves perfectly. The Little Orange is the cutest!

    —— Wendy A.